Friday, November 27, 2009

flat panel tv's - good,bad, and ugly

Based upon the flat screens I currently own (6 yr old Sony Plasma - most used - family room, 3 yr old Vizio - second most used, 3 yr old Scepter tied with the Vizio as it is used as a TV and PC monitor as well by my son, and 2-3 yr old LG - DEAD) all are fine except for the LG (which was the last purchased and least used - bedroom). All of a sudden the LG had audio and colored lines for video. When I called some TV repair shops, some of them told me I'd be better off just buying a new one, and it would probably cost about the same to repair. Most said they thought the control board was the problem. I will never buy another LG product again. I am probably going to replace it with a Vizio. I use my current Vizio as a TV and as a PC monitor. In my opinion, don't buy LG. But it's only my opinion and your money.